Printer: Nanoscribe GT
Print Time: 18min
Material: IP Dip

We call this the Teeny Tiny Torture Test (TTTT). This test was designed by one of our most talented engineers in the team, Ethan Reggia. He has been using an adaptation of this file to test all of our 3D printing systems. I consulted him on what we should test for the Nanoscribe GT given that it is not a standard 3D printing process. The results as you can observe are beautiful. This test gave us clear results as to what the limits are in terms of: feature size, resolution in the x y z axis, smallest space possible between features, overhangs, bridging, and several others.

We printed 30 of these, each with different power values and slicing parameters. Some features are directly affected by power intensity, above you can observe a high power and low power print. The one where the thin wall is straight had a greater power intensity than the one that curves downwards. Once again a prove as to how important it is to always perform a dose test for each structure that is written with the Nanoscribe.