ProX 200

The ProX 200 is a production grade 3D printer capable of sintering a variety of metal alloys, such as aluminum alloy, maraging steel, stainless steel, cobalt-chrome alloy (CoCrMo) and titanium. The ProX supports a semiautomated material loading system, allowing the tool to be used in research applications including new material development and heterogeneous integration of multiple metal and ceramic structures within a single device, while also supporting automated production of complex parts using established material systems.

The system provides 20 µm repeatability and feature resolution as small as 20 µm within a 14 x 14 x 10 cm build volume, making it well suited for fabrication of micro-, meso-, and macro-scale devices fabricated from materials suitable for high temperature systems, porous conductive structures for fuel cells and other advanced energy systems, high strength robotic manipulators and locomotion components, complex and high resolution micromolds, precision medical prostheses, and related applications with demanding constraints on material properties.