Printer: ProX200
Material: Maraging Steel
Print Time: 5 hrs

We printed several structures of the same design to see how the position with respect to the roller feed would affect the quality of the print. Indeed it affected the very thin walls in this design, breaking several of them. We learned that the ideal placement for this structure was 45 degrees. These thin fins are pushing limit in terms of the resolution and fine details that printer is capable of achieving.  

There is also a 1/5 rule that one should keep in mind: if you make a cylinder 5cm high, the diameter should be at least 1cm, otherwise the structure might bend. In this example we had to disregard that rule because this was the only configuration that we would be able to print this structure without having to include excessive support structures, that would have had to been machined off. Another important point to mention is the observed support remaining on the base after a part has been removed. Depending on the type of support used the part can be either easily removed with hand tools, or with and EDM.