The Form 1+ is a desktop 3D printer that makes stereolithography (SLA) printing technology accessible to engineers, designers, and artists. SLA uses a high-performance UV laser to cure a liquid photopolymer in a vat. The part is built by lowering the build platform into the vat where the laser sketches the layer of the object. The build platform is then slightly raised and the laser again sketches the layer. This process is repeated until the full object is built.

Available resins for the Form 1+ are standard prototyping resins, castable resins, and flexible resins. Formlabs resins have been designed to be as safe as possible, but nevertheless, working with them requires care, similar to working with common adhesives or household cleaners. They have no strong odors or volatile solvents, so special ventilation is not required, though skin contact should be avoided.

The available build volume is 12.5 x 12.5 x 16.5 cm, with a layer thickness ranging from 25 to 200 microns, and a minimum feature size of 300 microns.